Your brand strategy is the foundation for all that follows. Our goal is to find the divine intersection between a company’s inherent strengths, its competitors’ weaknesses, and consumer motivations. Whether you’re building a new brand or refreshing an existing one, our approach is designed to discover and define your most authentic and powerful story—which we can then vividly bring to life across every touchpoint for your internal team, your customers, your suppliers and partners.

  • Consumer Research
  • Target Audience Insights
  • VOC Data Analysis
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Competitive Audits
  • Workshops
  • Brand Strategy
  • Concept Creation
  • Omni-channel Briefs

Today’s most beloved and valuable brands are defined by their actions, not their ads. (Who even sees traditional advertising any more?) Customer Experience is to this era what marketing was to the previous.

Through the lens of our 8 Brain Friendly Branding® Pillars, we’ll re-imagine your customer’s brand journey—transforming it into an instinctively satisfying experience, across every touchpoint, to create a deep and lasting emotional connection.

  • UX Research
  • Workshops
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Pain Point / Moment of Truth Identification
  • Customer Experience Blueprint
  • Environmental / Interior Design

A powerful brand strategy and customer experience plan can only occur when those within the organization, across every department, have been properly educated about the brand story, and trained in how to best bring it to life. Our experience across a multitude of categories and companies has taught us how to skillfully prepare, initiate and inspire internal cultures to behave in sync with brand values, and in doing so, act as brand ambassadors inside and outside of your organization.

  • Employee Workshops
  • Culture Change Roll Out
  • Employee Handbooks

We want to GO the distance with you. Our passion and expertise extend to bringing your brand strategy and customer experience to life in the most memorable way possible. We’re expert at engaging, inspiring and partnering with art directors, writers, architects, graphic and interior designers—anyone responsible for the manifestation of your brand and the ultimate satisfaction of your customers. So whether it’s through our partners or yours, we’re committed to shepherding our strategic work through to execution if you choose.

  • Go-To-Market Plans
  • Brand Books
  • Logos
  • Packaging
  • Interior Design
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Traditional Media


Two accomplished marketing professionals with a shared passion for helping brands reach their greatest potential.

Megan Kent and Betsy Liegey have spent their careers developing brand strategy and go to market plans for some of the most prestigious brands in the world such as BMW, Coca Cola, Hilton, Microsoft, Nestle, The New York Times, IBM, Brand USA, P&G, PricewaterhouseCoopers, United Airlines and many more.

Both from sunny California, they ironically met years ago in the freezing cold of Minneapolis, at a renowned advertising agency where they bonded over a penchant for creative problem solving and a desire to stay warm. Ultimately, their shared ambition brought them to New York where the pair continued to collaborate on a variety of business building projects.

Despite their passion for the “MadMen” world of advertising, both became tired of tackling the new world order with the same old tools and techniques. They felt their clients deserved more. To better understand how consumers make decisions, Megan took a deep dive into the land of cognitive science, becoming a self prescribed “brain science junkie”. Betsy got busy honing her skills in customer experience transformation while simultaneously developing an expertise in business and team building workshops. Using Megan’s proprietary Brain Friendly Branding® Principles as their foundation, the two have come together again to form THE GO LAB.


We’re for the C-Suite, entrepreneurs, founders and brand managers—anyone whose very livelihood depends upon their brand succeeding and can’t afford to let anything stand in the way.

Because every ounce of energy we spend is in service of our clients’ success—we only work with clients who are as serious and dedicated to winning as we are.


We work across a diverse spectrum of industries with clients that range from start ups to Fortune 100 companies. Some of the current and previous brands we’ve had the pleasure of working with include:

BRAND USA: Creating a new brand

Developed America’s first ever international tourism brand by celebrating our country's unique DNA

BMW: Refreshing a brand

Reclaimed Ultimate Driving Machine heritage by redefining true performance

DABBA: Creating a brand and customer experience from scratch

Helped founders identify their unique story to inspire new name, brand and experience

SIMILAC: Optimizing the customer experience

Connected emotionally with moms by building community and support into every phase of her personal journey

PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS: Creating cultural change

Significantly improved company morale by acknowledging and honoring employee contributions

JUST SALAD: Innovating new products and services

Created an in-store, “on-brand” frozen yogurt line extension including product, brand and experience

“Megan and Betsy are an unbeatable team. Their combined energy, brains, and
creative ideation skills took our brand from zero to sixty in record time.